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The Best Wine in North Carolina And Every US State

By:  Melanie Day                             May 6, 2022


Cape Cod Life

"Day Trip:  Plymouth"

By:  Julie Craven Wagner             August, 2021

"The Playful Plymouth Bay Winery"

By:  Kristi Palma                              September 18, 2014


ABC's Good Morning America

"Wine for Breakfast"                                                               December, 2016



Boston Globe      

"Raise A Glass To Massachusetts Wineries"    

By:  James Sullivan                         January 25, 2019



Scotch and Scones                             By:   Tammy

"Fruit (Wine) Fix"                                                                      March 29, 2019

"All Dressed Up:  Hamantaschen"                                       March 22, 2019

"Wine With It, Part 1...Cranberry Wine Babka"                 May 3, 2019

"Wine With It, Part 2...White Wine Cheesecake"             May 31, 2019, updated 7/21/20



NECN's Eat New England

"Exploring Plymouth, The South Shore Town Beloved by Foodies, History Buffs"

By:    Mark Hurwitz                          November 17, 2020








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