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Welcome ashore to Plymouth Bay Winery, where wine is paired with the freedom to mix things up! We’re not ruled by the grape tyranny that dominates our industry. We’re flavor seekers, embarking on a luscious journey, full of fruitful wine discovery, rule breaking and play!

We dare you to come along!

Fruit Reigns Here

Every sip we bottle is a dynamic expression of the fruit that’s authentic to this landscape and the legacy of this region, meant to be enjoyed by those with a taste for exploration!

Voyage Beyond Wine

Upon our arrival, the locals taught us what flourishes here. We’ve partnered with many of them to create a variety of regional fruit-based products perfect for flavor exploration and discovery!

Featured Discoveries

Our Fruitful Departure

It’s our nature to push boundaries. So we chose to sail toward the freedom to reimagine what’s known.


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