Peach Bay Wine, 750 ml


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Our Spring Seasonal, you can taste the sunshine! 100% Peach juice fermented, it is delicious!


We are thrilled to bring back Peach Bay for our 2021 Spring Seasonal!  Compliments your cheese board, fondue, BBQ, stir fry and dessert!  Peach Bay is a delicious base for sangria (try with our Blackberry or Blueberry Bay!), marinades, and salsa.


Peach Bay may be available for a limited time.



  • Our wines are table wines (<14% ABV) and average 11-11.5% ABV.  
  • Please enjoy while fresh - we recommend consuming within 12 month of purchase.
  • Our wines are not cold stabilized, and might form ice crystals when chilled or during shipping.  This does not alter the flavor of the wine, and perfectly safe for consumption.
  • Please always drink responsibly.



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