N. E. Thyme Sauce, 10oz


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Apricot Bay Wine, red onion & thyme

This is Thanksgiving in a jar! Perfect marinade for chicken, pork, or over turkey meatballs!

N.E. Thyme Meatballs:  In a crockpot, add frozen turkey meatballs, 2 jars N.E. Thyme sauce, 1 jay N.E. Thyme w/Habanero.  Cook on low, 4-6 hours.  Enjoy as appetizers or over pasta, spiralized zucchini, whatever your pleasure!

N.E. Thyme Bread Roll:  Delicious with your homemade or store-bought dough.  Roll dough out, brush with N.E. Thyme sauce, roll bread up, bake per dough directions.

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