Limited Plymouth 400 Series Pilgrims' Bounty Wine, 750ml


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Pilgrims' Bounty, our Cranberry Bay Wine aged 9 months in a Rum barrel.


Special release!


The Fourth of our Plymouth 400 Series:  Pilgrims’ Bounty!  It is our stand-out Cranberry Bay Wine aged nine months in a Rum oak barrel.  Enjoy the tartness of the cranberry with a smooth, rum finish!  Served chilled or at room temperature it will compliment many dishes, fruit and cheese boards, and, like the other Pilgrim series wines, makes a lovely sipping wine.  

This is the last release in a four-part special wine series...or is it??  We hope you enjoy it while it is available.  Portions of the proceeds of these wines will benefit the Plymouth 400 Commemoration!  

Please stop by today - limited quantities only!!

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