Pilgrims' Harvest Wine, 750 ml


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One batch made! Cranberry Bay aged 9 months in an Apple Brandy barrel.


Pilgrims' Harvest made a return visit!


The first of our Pilgrims' Series to commemorate Plymouth 400, we introduced Pilgrims' Harvest when we were in full pandemic mode.  That batch was aged 6 months in an Apple Brandy barrel, and offered a hint of brandy warmth in the close.


This batch is aged 9 months, and truly delivers cran-apple flavor and a much more definite brandy close.  One batch made!



  • Our wines are table wines (<14% ABV) and average 11-11.5% ABV.
  • Our wines are best served chilled. 
  • Please enjoy while fresh - we recommend consuming within 12 month of purchase.
  • Our wines are not cold stabilized, and might form ice crystals when chilled or during shipping.  This does not alter the flavor of the wine, and perfectly safe for consumption.
  • Please always drink responsibly.


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